Here’s the challenge: globally, we are using more energy than ever before. At the same time, the significance of climate change means the world has to reduce CO2 emissions.

We need innovative thinking to make today's energy go further and to find cleaner energy to take us towards a lower-carbon world. Great ideas come from conversation, collaboration, partnerships; great minds coming together.  

The Shell Eco-marathon is a great demonstration of brilliant bright ideas in action. Hundreds of students compete to design, build and drive the world's most energy efficient cars.

Make the Future Live in London was the final instalment of a global festival of ideas and innovation that began in Singapore, travelled to Detroit and finished at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Get involved, get inspired, and help make the future.

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Lates 2017

This free event was for over 18s only, and took place on Friday May 26, 2017. The podcast that was recorded is available now.

Shell Eco-marathon

Student teams battle it out on the track to be crowned champions in fuel efficiency. The current record stands at 3,771km/l – that’s from London to Helsinki and back again on just one litre of fuel!