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With three main events in Asia, Americas and Europe, the competition attracts thousands of young engineers and students aiming to push the boundaries of energy efficiency on the road.

Students have a year to design, build and test their vehicle before competing on a purpose-built track.

Winning is about the right combination of energy source, streamlined design, lightweight materials and driving strategy.

The current record stands at 3,771km/l – that’s from London to Helsinki and back again on just one litre of fuel!

Shell Eco Marathon Londan dreams world champainship winner

Driver's World Championship

The Shell Eco-marathon Drivers’ World Championship brings together the world’s best UrbanConcept teams competing in an exciting race to crown the world’s fastest energy-efficient driver.

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Lates 2017

This free event was for over 18s only, and took place on Friday May 26, 2017. The podcast that was recorded is available now.