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Explore the innovative ways the world can use, consume and recycle energy.

Be inspired by the brilliant minds who have turned their ideas into reality. Score a goal on an energy-generating pitch, sample delicious food from a BBQ powered by waste coffee grounds, and check out the inventions that could change the way we live, work and play in our cities.


The next step in energy innovation? This smart idea uses special tiles to capture the kinetic energy from footsteps. Imagine people helping to power the city they live in. That’s the future Pavegen is heading towards.



GravityLight are on a mission to help create electric light and power for more than a billion people living off the grid. Using gravity, a bag of rocks and a lot of knowledge, this low-cost solution will soon be lighting up lives around the world.

GravityLight pulley system - illustration

Turning gravity into light

How do you create light from a pile of rocks? GravityLight is on a mission to bring a renewable source of light to those with no access to electricity. 

Turning gravity into light
The world’s first football pitch powered by the energy of footsteps

Empowering a community through footsteps

To help empower a small community in the heart of Rio de Janeiro we created the world’s first player-powered football pitch floodlights.

See the first kinetic energy pitch

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