We need cleaner, smarter, more abundant energy. Meeting this demand is a global challenge that affects us all. Make the Future Live is a four-day event that invites you to explore solutions to this challenge, celebrating ingenuity and bold new thinking.

It’s a place that brings together innovative, bright-minded people. A festival where the smartest thinkers and most curious minds collaborate and put fresh ideas to the test.

Make the Future Live is a new kind of festival, with live music, street food and gaming alongside hands-on science shows, buzzing panel debates and the latest in VR, AI and AR experiences. Get close up to Shell Eco-marathon, and see student teams and their vehicles competing in one of the world’s greatest ultra-energy-efficient challenges.

Let’s make it happen.

Make The Future Live.

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Make The Future Live Lates are a series of lively debates about the future of energy. Engaging and challenging, they’re forums where you can listen to some of the world’s sharpest minds share their ideas about meeting today’s energy challenges.

Shell Eco-marathon

Student teams battle it out on the track to be crowned champions in fuel efficiency. The current record stands at 3,771km/l – that’s from London to Helsinki and back again on just one litre of fuel!