Our most recent Lates event, in partnership with Intelligence Squared, explored the current transport revolution.

The transport of tomorrow

Right now, we’re on the cusp of the biggest revolution in transport since the advent of the combustion engine. Intelligent, automated cars are taking control from drivers. Apps are creating cheap, efficient ride-sharing networks that act as a new mode of public transport. Meanwhile, the latest electric, hybrid and alternative power sources hold out the promise of clean, safe movement.

Who really owns our means of transport? Are you happy giving up your privacy in a ride-sharing economy? Will the transport of the future target energy efficiency over profits? And how do we make sure that everyone enjoys the same benefits from future transport systems?  

Hosted by TV and radio’s Edith Bowman speakers included Jamie Bartlett author of The Dark Net: Inside the Digital Underworld; Fred Jones, Uber’s Head of Cities in the UK and Ireland, Christian Wolmar author of Driverless Cars: On a Road to Nowhere and Eugena Ossi an expert on how big data can revolutionise transport.

Panellists on the main stage at Make the Future Live Lates in 2017

Lates 2017

We’re used to thinking about cutting emissions on a global scale — but what about starting with something local? What if you could make the city at your feet, London, a model of a carbon-neutral capital? We held a live recorded podcast event with Intelligence Squared to find out. 

Hosted by Jason Bradbury, supported by the actor and broadcaster Richard Ayoade, a panel of experts and tech entrepreneurs debated the topic. 

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