There is plenty to do across the four-day event:

  • Incredible futuristic interactive experiences
  • Live science shows
  • Panel debates including a Live podcast recording
  • Gaming
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality
  • Live music
  • Street food

Plus get close-up to Shell Eco-marathon, as student teams and vehicles compete in one of the world’s greatest ultra-energy-efficient challenges.

A day by day itinerary will be available online on June 1, 2018.

A fleet of futuristic vehicles line up together at the start of race

Shell Eco-marathon Europe

Watch teams of student engineers pit their ultra-efficient vehicles against each other in gruelling multi-day competitions. Featuring the Mileage Challenge and Drivers’ World Championship Race, this is your chance to meet the teams and see the vehicles up close.

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Rachel Riley speaks into a microphone in front of a live band

Live events

Our celebrity host for the festival will introduce a packed schedule, compere live debates with industry experts and add some spark to your day out. Watch this space to find out more about what’s on and who to see during the festival.

A row of people seated on a stage in front of an audience

Powering Progress Together

A global series bringing business leaders, academics, NGOs, entrepreneurs and community leaders together. It’s a productive way to collaborate, debate and influence new solutions to energy challenges. This July, Powering Progress Together considers The Future of Mobility: Visions of Transport in 2040.

Due to capacity, this is an invite only event. 

Look out for

Hiking to the South Pole with biofuels

Explorer Robert Swan led a four-man walking expedition to the South Pole, using Shell’s advanced biofuels to keep the team warm, dry and fed. The South Pole Energy Challenge demonstrated the potential of biofuels by relying on them during this epic 600-mile trek.


Make The Future Live Lates are a series of lively debates about the future of energy. Engaging and challenging, they’re forums where you can listen to some of the world’s sharpest minds share their ideas about meeting today’s energy challenges.

Shell Eco-marathon

Shell Eco-marathon invites students to engineer racing vehicles at the cutting edge of energy efficient technology, bringing them together on the track in a series of challenges.

Shell Eco-marathon

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Make the Future Live is a free four day festival exploring solutions to the energy challenge, celebrating ingenuity and bold new thinking. We bring together innovative minds to collaborate and put fresh ideas to the test.


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